For any trainee finding a work opportunity is the main hurdle after the course. PeopleNTech knows how important it is for you to utilize your skill you learned from us through our advanced courses. That's why you have a dedicated recruitment team to help you achieve you goal and ensure you job placement services in Dhaka. This dedicated team will also work as a career support counselor for you to ensure you job placement in different freelancing marketplaces. 

Our Recruitment team has a proven job placement record for the last 14 years in USA and more than 4 years in Bangladesh. Our successful students are working in some industry leaders in the world. Some of those big brands where our successful students are working are, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Apple, HP & IBM. 

How we achieve this tremendous job placement services in Dhaka & abroad?

Unlike any other training institute in Bangladesh, we work in a different way. We know that not all our students are the same and some of them like you need special attention. That's why our Job Placement Team will work with you from day one and will identify each and every section you need improvement. Our Hands-on, Live Training, Interactive training and Workshop from ground zero through real-time projects are designed in a way to ensure your success anywhere you want! This proven process will ensure your job placement services in Dhaka & other countries. 

You will also face professional type mock tests & other exams which are designed by our experienced trainers to prepare you for the job placement services in Dhaka & abroad.

The job placement services in Dhaka & USA:

Through our job-oriented curriculum, role-plays, resume preparation, real interview questions bank, 24-hrs state-of-the-art lab access, support from over 6000 successfully employed Alumni, individual attention, 1-to-1 sessions, course completion certification, aggressive and dedicated recruitment team, we ensure the job placement of our students in the job market with leading companies in the USA and Bangladesh.

Why PeopleNTech?

-State-of-the art lab facility
-Experienced training faculty
-Advanced & latest course modules
-Class video & notes
-Regular assignments & tests
-Designed to start from the beginning level
-Special classes for weak students
-Personal Branding & freelancing marketplace ID creation
-Dedicated after course support
-Dedicated job placement support

Our Strength:

More than 3000 students are successfully working in different companies all over the world and more than 2000 students are working & earning through freelancing in freelancing marketplaces.

Do you want to be a part of the global workforce and earn a handsome earning from anywhere you want? 

Looking for a job or need free consultancy support send your resume to [email protected] or call +880188 5981254.