Digital Marketing with SEO

Digital Marketing with SEO

PeopleNTech Institute of IT, a leading IT institute in Bangladesh. We always think a head rather then any other IT Institute in Bangladesh. We always want to stand well and woe to those who wants to pursue his career on Digital Marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Course will not only help you to built your fundamental concept of Digital Marketing but it will also help you to break the ice regarding Digital Marketing. It will also help you to introduce your skill in both local job Market and Freelancing world.

It will help you to understand that how your regular use of Social Media can be your basic earning source and how you can introduce yourself to SEO industry. Most Importantly this course will lead you to your desired goal.

You will get full focus on all the branches of Digital Marketing such as-

Social Media Marketing (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)

Tell me one Good Day when you are not using your Social Media? Yes, this Social Media can be your Business Center, Your source of Earning and so on. We tried to include all the famous Social Media which is now leading in Digital Marketing Sector including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and So on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Industry is now most popular industry in Digital Marketing. Among many other industry people prefer SEO because it’s an organic process where Google can rank your website and will help to set in first position.

Career Opportunity:

As all the companies turning their traditional marketing into Digital Marketing so the opportunities will be wide and huge. After complete this course You can either-

• Digital Marketing Specialist

• Social Media Manager

• SEO Specialist

• Content Creator

• LinkedIn Specialist

• Facebook Marketer

Or you can be –

• Freelancer

Facebook Marketing

  1. Facebook Pages & Post Setup and Audience Research
  2. Facebook ADS
  3. Facebook Ads Campaign and Led Gen
  4. Facebook Business Account.
  5. Setting up Business Page & Business Account
  6. Facebook Pixel Setup
  7. Messenger Chatbot


YouTube Marketing

  1. YouTube  Channel Creation
  2. YouTube Video SEO
  3. YouTube Video Creation
  4. YouTube Video Promotion 


  1. Introduction to LinkedIn and LinkedIn profile
  2. LinkedIn in Company
  3. LinkedIn Rules and Promotion

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Introduction, Building Business in Instagram and promotional Activites

Market Place

 Fiverr ID Opening and details

Market Place

ID checking of student and fiverr marketing

Mid Exam

Mid Term Exam

Introducing to SEO and Website Audit

  1. Basic Concept of SEO
  2. How SEO Works
  3. SEO NEED and Career Prespective
  4.  Website Audit( Manually)


Website Audit- Part 2

Website Technical Audit using Tool

Keyword Research (Company + e-commerce site) – Part 1

  1. What is Keyword Research?
  2. Why is keyword research important?
  3. keyword Research for e-commerce website
  4. keyword Research for company website

Keyword Research (Company + e-commerce site) – Part 2

  1. How to pick keywords from website?
  2. Keyword selection, Keyword finalization
  3. Students’ assignment evaluation

Local Host

Set up a website through local host

SEO Guideline

SEO Setup Guideline Prepare based on Audit

Amazon Affiliate + Niche Finalize

  1. What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?
  2. What is a niche?
  3. Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing
  4. How to find profitable Niche

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Strength & weakness Analysis

On Site Optimization

  1. Domain, hosting & SSL ideas.
  2. WordPress installation
  3. Dashboard introduction
  4. General settings
  5. Affiliate friendly Theme selection & installation.
  6. Loading speed optimization

On-Page Optimization


  1. Url setup.
  2. Keyword Placement.
  3. Keyword density.
  4. Content (Text / Image / Video) optimization.
  5. Readability

Off-Page SEO

  1. Introduction to different types of link building.
  2. Blog commenting
  3. Profile Backlink
  4. Question answer backlink
  5. Forum posting

Off-Page Optimization

  1. Guest blogging backlink
  2. Directory Submission.


Website Health Check (Google Search Console)

  1. Submitting Website to Webmaster
  2. Internal links & links to your site.
  3. Disavow Tool usage.

GOOGLE Analytics

  1. Importance of Google Analytics
  2. Organic Search (SEO)
  3.  Paid Search (PPC)
  4. Referrals (Backlinks)
  5. Direct Traffic
  6. Familiar with other different component

Google My Business

  1. Importance of GMB
  2. Claim/Create a GMB Listing
  3. Optimizing existing page/Adding Business Info
  4. Verify Your GMB Listing

Amazon Associate

Amazon Associate Account Creation and its rules


Upwork (A-Z)

Final Exam

Review and Final Exam