ASP.Net C# Web Forms Developer

ASP.Net C# Web Forms Developer

Candidates will have a thorough understanding of the following:

  • Create, Read, Update, Delete Data into Database from Form in ASP.Net Web Forms Project
  • Connect and Disconnect from Database for ASP.Net Web Forms Project
  • How to Create Database and Tables in MS SQL Server for ASP.Net Web Forms Project
  • How to Create User in MS SQL Server for ASP.Net Web Forms Project
  • SQL and MSSQL for ASP.Net Web Forms
  • Load Option in ASP.Net Web Forms
  • Redirect, QueryString, and Session in ASP.Net Web Forms
  • Class and Object in C#
  • Array, List, and Foreach Loop in C#
  • Exception Handling with Try Catch in C#
  • SWITCH CASE statement in C#
  • FOR and DO WHILE loop in C#
  • IF Else Statement in C#
  • Builtin Functions in C#
  • Function in C#
  • Variable and Types in C#
  • Know about C# Keywords
  • Understanding a C# Code Block

Part I Introduction

1. Writing Programs

  • Structure of a Program
  • Simple Statements
  • Complex Statements

2. Controlling Program Flow

  • Conditional Instructions
  • Boolean Expressions

3. Making Decisions in Code

  • if Statements
  • Complex if Statements
  • switch statements

4. Using Loops

  • for statements
  • Nested for Loops
  • foreach statements
  • while statements
  • do-while statements


Creating Value Types

  • Predefined Value Types
  • Data Structures
  • Enumerations

Creating Reference Types

  • Modifiers
  • Defining Fields
  • Constructors
  • Methods
    • Overloaded Methods
    • Abstract and Overridden Methods
    • Extension Methods
    • Optional and Named Parameters


  • Properties
  • Enforced Encapsulation by Using Properties
  • Indexed Properties

Understanding Generic Types and Generic Methods

  • Generic Types
  • Generic Types
  • Generic Methods
  • Generic Methods