Web Development with PHP and MySQL

Web Development with PHP and MySQL

Web Design and Development Training in Bangladesh: PeopleNTech

Do you know there are more than 1.7 billion websites are registered till now and soon it will cross the 2 billion mark? Every single website needs work on it's back end and front end. So the opportunity of working is endless here. After successfully completing the web design and development training in Bangladesh, you will be able to work as a professional & freelancer and earn handsomely.

web design and development training

web design and development training

 PeopleNTech provides world class web design and development training in Bangladesh. Our experienced training pool follow the world class training modules. Our state of the art computer lab will also ensure the best web design & development training in Bangladesh.

Web design & development is a highly demanded skill. web design and development training in Bangladesh has two parts: front end development and backend development. Front end development deals with visual designs of a website. Front end web developer build it using code. The structure will be built using HTML and the layout will be changed using CSS or Javascript if needed.

 Backend deals with more advanced functions of the website which is hidden from plain sight. To a backend developer, the functionality of a website is the main issue and they work with CGI programs, Application programming interface (API) & PHP if needed. From our web design and development training in Bangladesh, you will learn both frontend and backend development effectively.

 web design and development training in Bangladesh course is the most important course for anyone who is interested to build their career on web development. After the course an individual can convert a static website to a dynamic & responsive one by the use of web programming language and database. Take the best web design and development training in Bangladesh and start your career as a professional or freelance web developer. 

 In this digital era, every single company is trying to grab their own identity over the internet. A website is the first and best choice always. So the demand of web developer is rising high. After successfully completing the course, you can create new website or work on existing websites. The website is now the center of all kinds of business. Even in Bangladesh, almost all company holds a website or moving fast to create one.

 HTML5, CSS3, PSD to HTML,  jQuery, PHP, MySQL, WordPress Theme Development, PHP Framework Customization, JavaScript, Handling Freelancing Project regarding Web design and Development.

What will we Highlight in this course web design and development training in Bangladesh

1.    Web Application Development

2.    PSD to HTML or PSD to WordPress Conversion

3.    Basic Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator)

4.    WordPress Theme Development

5.    WordPress Theme Customization

6.    Creating Personal Portfolio to get Job easily

7.    Regular working experiences from the experts with their Projects

8.    Basic Web Application and Server Management

9.    Industry requirement support and Job replacement (if you can grow with us)

10.  Focused on the latest tools and concept in the Web development sector

And much more that is needed for Web Design and Development

 Are you ready to work at an ever growing sector where every minute 500 websites are created and 70+ new websites are created? Then take a course on  web design & development training in Bangladesh and build your own web developer career.

 Web Development is among the top 10 most demanded jobs in 2020 and the demand will never end. Our highly experienced training pool with the help of advanced course module &  state of the art lab is ready to accompany you to your journey of being a successful web developer.

 All these will be covered in the Web design and development training in Bangladesh in PeopleNTech and in addition, you will learn the real time experience from the trainer and a clear insight of the current trend. You will also learn the freelancing opportunities of this course. Our experienced team will introduce you to different marketplaces and help you create your own working IDs. 


MODULE 1 – Basic of Website Development


Day 01 / Understanding Database and Database Management Tools

  • Idea about - Web Designing, Web Development, Software Development, Outsourcing, Freelancing.
  • Basic Ideas on - Domain, Hosting, IP, Server, NameServer, Programming Language, Designing Language, Structured Query Language, Framework, CMS, IDE, cPanel, Domain Control Panel, FTP Client, Local Server.
  • Discuss on what we will be Learning in the Web Technology course and how
  • Code Concepts, Program Concepts



Day 02 / Understanding Database and Database Management Tools

  • What is Database; Traditional and Modern way of storing Data.
  • What are the basic Tools for Database Management, Understanding SQLYog
  • Understanding the Interface and Features of PhpMyAdmin; Data Export and Import;
  • Handling Database and Table Structure (Create, Alter, Delete) using PhpMyAdmin
  • Insert, Update, Delete data using PhpMyAdmin; Using Functions from PhpMyAdmin
  • Working with SQLYog; Working on Remote Database Server;

Day 03 / Managing Database and Table Structures in SQL/MySQL

  • MySQL Intro – How, when and where to use MySQL
  • MySQL Connect – How to get connected to MySQL
  • CREATE Database – How to Create Database
  • DROP Database – How to Drop a Database
  • KEYS– Use and Importance of Primary and Unique Key in Database
  • NULL & NOT NULL – Importance & Contradiction of NULL & NOT NULL
  • AUTO-INCREMENT – How to Auto-Increment in Database
  • DEFAULT – MySQL Default and its use
  • DATE – Date, Time and Timestamps in MySQL Database
  • CREATE Table – How to Create Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog
  • ALTER Table – How to Alter Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog
  • DROP Table – How to Drop Table using MySQL Query  and SQLYog

Day 04 / Advanced Queries using SQL/MySQL

  • INSERT INTO – How to insert data in a Data-Tables
  • SELECT – How to select and grab Data from Data-Table (In Different Ways)
  • WHERE – How to select Data from Database using Conditions
  • ORDER BY – How to bring Data from Database in Order
  • GROUP BY – Grouping Database outputs from MySQL
  • UPDATE – How to Update Data in a Data-Table
  • DELETE – How to Delete Data of a Data-Table
  • BASIC JOIN – How to use JOIN and the Importance of it in Database
  • LEFT JOIN – Use of Left Join and its Practices
  • RIGHT JOIN – Use of Right Join and its Practices
  • FULL JOIN – Use of Full Join and its Practices
  • OUTER JOIN – Use of Outer Join and its Practices

Day 05 / Working with Advanced MySQL

  • MySQL Functions – Understanding the Importance of Functions
  • Group By, Having, Count Function
  • Average, Minimum, Maximum, Sum, Length
  • Round, Format, Now Function
  • First, Last, Mid Function
  • UCase, LCase Function
  • Understanding Primary Key, Foreign Key, Reference, and Constrain
  • Implementing Relation, and Creating Relational Database
  • Creating Database of an E-Commerce Website
  • Upload Database on Real Server (cPanel/PhpMyAdmin)

MODULE 3 – PHP (Basics and Advanced)


Day 06 / Learning Basics of PHP

  • Syntax, Print / Echo – Basic concepts on PHP
  • Variables, Data Types, Constants – Data Types and Variables in PHP
  • Operators – Operators in PHP Programming
  • If...Else...Else-If – Different conditional statements in PHP
  • Switch – PHP Switch Case
  • Syntax, Print / Echo – Basic concepts on PHP
  • For Loops and Foreach Loop – Practical implementation of Loop
  • Date – Use of Date functions and their Elements

Day 07 / Learning Advanced Topics in PHP

  • Arrays – Array and multi-dimensional data handling
  • String – Working with Strings using PHP
  • Error, Exception – Error and Exception Handling using PHP
  • Custom Functions – Use of Custom Function Development and its Practical uses
  • Library Functions – Trim, Round, Min, Max etc.
  • Handling HTML Form using PHP – Detailed guideline to use Form in PHP
  • Form Field Validation – Verifying data (Email, URL etc.) that will be accepted by Form
  • File Handling and Upload – Handling File and Uploading File using PHP
  • Form Security – Safety of Submitted Data using HTML Form / Know about SQL Injection
  • User Agent – Identify website’s Visitor Type, whether it is Bot or User

Day 08 / Learning Cookie, Session, Encryption, Class and Object

  • Cookies – How to use Cookies in PHP
  • Sessions – Use of Session, Guideline about Login-Registration System
  • Reading File – Reading File Data in Read/Write Mode by Character or by String
  • Encryption – Data Encryption, Hash, Salt Mechanism
  • Knowing details about Class and Object
  • Understanding Constructor and Destructor
  • Child Class and Inheritance
  • Encapsulation – Private, Public and Protected Data Type
  • Static Variable, Static Function
  • Magic Method - Call, Set and Autoload Function; Concept of NameSpace

Day 09 / Handling Database using PDO; Learning to Parse XML

  • Connect to Database using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Select Data using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Insert Data in Database using PHP MySQLi Class; Get Last Insert ID;
  • Update Data in Database using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Delete Data from Database using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Create Database and Table using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Connect to Database using PDO Class; Understanding Prepared Statement;
  • Select Data from Database; Select Data from Database with Placeholder;
  • Insert Data into Database; Insert Data from Database using Placeholder;
  • Update Data into Database using PDO Class;
  • Delete Data from Database using PDO Class;
  • Handling Error in PDO;
  • Create Table and Database using PDO Class;
  • Parse XML; Show data from XML Data source;

Day 10 / Sending real-time Mail & SMS; Generate PDF & Excel; AJAX Pagination

  • Send Mail using PHP with the help of Apache/SendMail Module; Send SMTP Mail
  • Send SMS using PHP with the help of SMS Gateway, Learn to use cURL
  • Generate PDF using DOM PDF Library; Generate Excel using PHPExcel Library
  • Create Paginated Table using AJAX

Day 11 / Integrate Payment Gateway; Safe File Download; Dynamic Search; Graph

  • Integrate real-time Payment Gateway in your Project
  • Download File without creating any Download Link / Safe File downloading Facility using PHP
  • Use jQuery AJAX, PHP and MySQL to create Dynamic Search; Example of Dropdown
  • Generate Graph (Bar Diagram) using jQuery, PHP and MySQL

MODULE 4 – Professional Project


Day 12 / Preparing all the Designs and Codes for Project

  • Creating and Documenting Requirements
  • Preparing Database for Project
  • Preparing Template for the Project
  • Preparing the Skeleton of the Project (View, Model, Controller)

Day 13 / Professional Web Project – Day 1

  • Create Admin Panel; Login System and Access Level Control;
  • Admin Module - Add Admin, List Admin, Edit Admin Delete Admin;
  • Customer Module P1 – List Customer; Edit Customer Profile; Reset Customer Password
  • Customer Module P2 – List Addresses, Edit Addresses;

Day 14 / Professional Web Project – Day 2

  • Product Module - Add Product, List Product, Edit Product, Delete Product; Set Featured Product;
  • Order Module – List Invoice/Orders, Change Invoice/Order Status; Send Mail on Status Change;
  • Slider Module – Add Slider, Edit Slider, Delete Slider

Day 15 /  Professional Web Project – Day 3

  • Login in the Website
  • Register in the Website; Send Mail on Registration;
  • Access Control in Pages

Day 16 / Professional Web Project – Day 4

  • My Account Page
  • Address Book Page
  • Make Dynamic Menu

Day 17 / Professional Web Project – Day 5

  • Make Category and Sub-Category Pages
  • Make Product Details Page
  • Create Shopping Cart and Shopping Cart Page

Day 18 / Professional Web Project – Day 6

  • Order Submission; Checkout Page
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Send Payment Notification; Generate Invoice
  • Order List Page

Day 19 / Professional Web Project – Day 7

  • Return Management
  • Make different Sections of the Website Dynamic
  • Implementing XML Download of Data List from Admin Panel
  • Understanding the Concepts of: Inventory Management

Day 20 / Know details about Freelancing and Outsourcing

  • How to create UpWork /Freelancer Accounts
  • How to make a 100% Perfect Profile for Freelancing Job
  • Which exams should a person attain to Highlight his Freelancer Portfolio
  • How to receive a job and its Requirements, and start working with it
  • How to Deliver the job and receive Payment
  • What are the scopes of National Level Job Market in Web Technology Sector
  • Some more Tips and Tricks about Web Technology Career
  • Getting ready for Local Market as Job Seeker / Local Freelancer

MODULE 5 - Laravel Framework

  • Introduction to Laravel
  • Laravel Installation
  • Laravel Design Pattern
  • Laravel CRUD Operation
  • Laravel Template Implementation

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