Advanced Microsoft Office Specialist

Advanced Microsoft Office Specialist

About The Course

At modern days, Microsoft office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access) has become one of the most useful tools at colleges, corporate offices for organizing, handling and presenting data and information. Over 90% of the corporate professionals rely on Microsoft office works and that makes MS Office tools very significant in our regular lives.

 We are here for you to boost and strengthen your understanding on advanced Microsoft office tools: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. This is an Advanced level MS-OFFICE Training, Which includes:

Advanced level of “Microsoft Word 2010” a word processing program with which you can quickly and efficiently author and format any document.

Advanced level of “Microsoft Excel 2010” a spare sheet program with which you can analyze, communicate and manage information.

Advanced level of “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010” a program with which you can develop and present dynamic, professional-looking slide presentation.

Advanced level of “Microsoft Access 2010” a database program with which you can collect information and output information for reuse in a variety of format.

Learning Tool:

Word Processing in Microsoft Word

  • Understanding Word Processing.
  • Creating Documents in Word.
  • Starting Microsoft Word.
  • Using the Blank Document Template.
  • Typing Text into a Document.
  • Saving Your New Document.
  • Typing Numbers into Your Document.
  • Inserting a Date into Your Document.
  • Making Basic Changes to Your Document.
  • Checking the Spelling in Your Document.
  • Saving Changes to an Existing Document.
  • Printing Your Document.
  • Safely Closing Your Document.
  • Word Processing Quick Reference.

Spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel

  • How Spreadsheets Work.
  • Spreadsheet Functionality.
  • Starting Microsoft Excel.
  • Understanding Workbooks.
  • Using the Blank Workbook Template.
  • Typing Text into a Worksheet.
  • Saving Your New Workbook.
  • Typing Numbers into a Worksheet.
  • Typing Simple Formulas in a Worksheet.
  • Easy Formulas.
  • Typing Dates in a Worksheet.
  • Easy Formatting.
  • Checking Spelling in a Worksheet.
  • Making and Saving Changes.
  • Printing a Worksheet.
  • Charting Your Data.
  • Safely Closing a Workbook.
  • Spreadsheets Quick Reference.

Presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Understanding Electronic Presentations.
  • Starting Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • The PowerPoint Screen.
  • Creating a New Presentation.
  • Adding Text to Your Presentation.
  • Saving Your New Presentation.
  • Adding More Slides Using the Ribbon.
  • Typing Directly Into a Slide.
  • Inserting Clip Art Images.
  • Safely Closing a Presentation.
  • Opening an Existing Presentation.
  • Running a Presentation Slide Show.
  • Printing Audience Handouts.
  • Presentations Quick Reference.

Calendars in Microsoft Outlook

  • Understanding Outlook.
  • Starting Outlook.
  • Common Outlook screen Elements.
  • Accessing the Calendar.
  • Changing Calendar Components.
  • Displaying Specific Dates.
  • Navigating Within a Calendar.
  • Scheduling an Appointment Using Click to Add.
  • Scheduling Using the Appointment Window.
  • Creating Recurring Appointments.
  • Scheduling an Event.
  • Printing Your Calendar.
  • Calendars Quick Reference.

Contacts in Microsoft Outlook

  • Understanding the Contact Form.
  • Understanding Electronic Business Cards.
  • Viewing Your Contacts.
  • Creating a New Contact.
  • Entering Contact Details.
  • Deleting an Unwanted Contact.
  • Printing Contact Details.
  • Contacts Quick Reference.

Tasks in Microsoft Outlook

  • Viewing Tasks.
  • Creating Simple Tasks.
  • Typing Tasks Directly.
  • Changing Task Views.
  • Sorting Tasks.
  • Completing Tasks.
  • Deleting Tasks.
  • Printing a Task List.
  • Tasks Quick Reference.

Sharing Data between Microsoft Office Applications

  • Understanding Data Sharing.
  • Opening Files in the Documents Window.
  • Using Copy and Paste.
  • Capturing the Screen.
  • Drag And Drop Moving.
  • Right Dragging.
  • Object Embedding.
  • Updating an Embedded Object.
  • Object Linking.
  • Updating a Linked Source.
  • Sharing Data Quick Reference.

Basic Computer Knowledge

  • Computer Basic
  • Concepts of Information Technology
  • Computer Component- Hardware, Software etc.
  • Uses of input & output devices
  • Concept of memory & storage
  • Using Computer & Managing files

Word Processing/Microsoft Word

  • Word 2010 interface
  • Ribbon understanding
  • Customizing the quick access tool bar
  • Navigation tool bar, Navigation pane, Status bar
  • Navigation pane, Status bar
  • Back stage view
  • Customizing tab
  • Home tab: Font & Paragraph Customization, Style, Find And Replace
  • Short cut key
  • Insert tab: Photo, clip art, table, chart, Header & footer, Smart art, Equation & symbol
  • Table Customization briefly, Hyperlink concept 
  • Design tab: Styles, Border & shading
  • Layout tab
  • Reference tab
  • Page layout tab
  • Mailing tab 
  • Review tab
  • View tab
  • Typing Procedure
  • Review of Word Processing/Microsoft Word

Spread sheet/MS excel

  • What is excel
  • Ribbon bar in excel
  • Ribbon/tab customization in excel
  • Name box, Formula bar
  • Rows, column & cells
  • Selection in excel
  • What is formula & function
  • Add number manually in excel
  • Add number by auto sum
  • Subtracting
  • Conditional formatting in excel
  • Customize Conditional formatting
  • Style in excel
  • Insert in excel
  • Multiplying
  • Dividing
  • Update date & time automatically
  • Use template in excel
  • Create original template
  • Header & footer in excel
  • Average/min/max/count function in excel
  • Use sum if average if in excel
  • Chart customization and edit in excel
  • Different kinds of chart on excel
  • Use if statement
  • Data validation
  • Chart customization and edit in excel
  • Different kinds of chart on excel
  • Date & time Formatting
  • Custom view and print selection in excel
  • Hide row and column in excel
  • Calculation between worksheet
  • Add multi cell value in one cell in excel
  • Text Formatting
  • Sort and filter in excel
  • Remove duplicate data in excel
  • Subtotal tool in excel
  • Goal seek tool & PMT function in excel
  • Spread sheet/MS excel class review

Presentation / Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Work with Slides: Adding & deleting Slides, Adding slides with readymade content, Slide bar, Rearranging Slide bar and sectors,
  • Insert tab: Photo, Clip art, table, chart, smart art,
  • 3D effect, etc.
  • Design tab: Page setup, slide orientation, themes,
  • Back ground style etc.
  • Animation tab: custom animation, Transition customization, advanced slide etc.Review  tab: Spelling check, comment, protect presentation,
  • View tab: Presentation views, show hide, macros etc.
  • Slide show tab: Starting slide shows, set up tools, monitors
  • Review of Presentation / Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Access/ Database

  • Explore an Access Database: Exploring tables, Exploring forms, exploring quires, Exploring reports
  • Creating Database and Simple data: 
  • Creating Database from simple table
  • Creating Database from tables manually
  • Customizing rows & columns
  • Creating relationship between tables
  • Create Simple forms:
  • Creating forms by using form tools
  • Changing the look of forms
  • Changing the Argument of form
  • Display data:
  • Sorting information in table
  • Filtering information in table & forms
  • Review of Microsoft Access/ Database 

MS- Outlook

  • Send & receive email messages
  • Store & access contact information
  • Manage scheduling
  • Track task


  • Operating system
  • Basic networking
  • Functions of utility software’s
  • Connecting components of a computer
  • Basic hardware trouble shooting 

Course Instructor